Puzzle – 101 (HIGH) (Table + Blood Based)

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A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J are family members. There are three generations of the family. Each member likes a different drink viz, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Sprite, Fanta, 7up, Maaza, Pepsi, Appy and Limca, but not necessarily in the same order. There are five females in the family. In the family, each female member, except B and H, has two sisters and one unmarried brother.

B has no sister-in-law. A does not like Tea. The grandson of J does not like Pepsi. No male member likes Maaza, Limca or Tea. I is the father-in-law of F and likes Fanta. G, who likes 7up, is the son-in-law of B. The mother of C likes Tea. D, who likes Coffee, is the unmarried sister of E, who does not like Maaza. C is the sister-in-law of F, but she does not like Fanta, Limca or Tea. E is the brother-in-law of G. The father of B is the husband of H and he does not like Appy. The grandparents do not like any beverage except Milk and Appy. C is a married sister of A.

Solution :

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