Puzzle – 69 (HIGH) (Table Based)

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Six Exams – S, T, H, A, I and K were scheduled to be conduct in different slots. All the exams were conduct in a 3 hour slot in a continuous manner, and there was no gap between 2 slots. For example, if an exam was conduct in the slot 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. then the next exam was schedule to conduct in 11am and so on. The slot number varies between 1 to 6 such that the first exam was conduct on slot 1 and so on. There are different type of exam was conducted Tamil, English, Hindi, Maths, Physics and Chemistry but not necessarily in the same order.

The English exam was conduct before Tamil exam. English exam was not the conduct on 1stslot. K was the Maths exam. Exam A had even numbered slot. S and A was not conduct consecutively.The Hindi exam had a slot number twice as that of the Exam I. The slot number of the chemistry exam was 3 more than the slot number of the exam to be conducted on 12 p.m. onwards. H and the chemistry exam were conduct in consecutive slots. There were 2 slots between the English exam and Tamil exam. Exam I and T were conduct at a gap of three slots.

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