Puzzle – 48 (HIGH) (Table Based)

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Eight athletes namely – A, B, C, D, P, Q, R and S from different countries viz. India, Japan, China, USA, Russia, Australia, Germany and Brazil but not necessarily in same order, participated in World Athletics tournament where they got different positions from 1 to 8. The country with highest number of gold medals is ranked 1 in the position and the country with least gold medals is ranked at 8. Each got different number of gold and silver medals. The number of gold and silver medals was either a square or prime numbers between 0 and 15.

Note: No two athletes got same number of either gold or silver medals. 1 is considered as a square number.

Japanese athlete got 9 silver medals which are as same the number of gold medals got by the one who is in 3rd position. The number of Silver medals got by German athlete is square of his position. The athlete from China got 2 more gold medals than C and both has Silver medals as same as their Gold medals. The position of Indian athlete is an even number and his medals were in odd numbers. R got same number of medals as USA athlete, but ranks 6 position below him. The number of gold medals got by D is as same as his position. Russian athlete got highest number of medals in total and ranks immediately above Indian athlete. P belongs to either China or India. Australian athlete ranks same position as that of USA athlete from bottom position. Chinese athlete got rank same as his total medals. There is only one athlete between S and P, such that P got more silver medals than S but S got more Gold medals than P but neither of them Ranks 1. There is only one athlete between B and Q, the difference between their gold and silver medals is 1. Both S and B got same number of medals.

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