Puzzle – 99 (HIGH) (Circle + Blood Based)

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Eight members P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W of a family are sitting around a circular table with all of them facing outwards. Each one of them like different brand of bikes viz. TVS, Yamaha, Hero, Honda, SUZUKI, KTM, Bajaj and Royal Enfield. Three married couples are there in the family.

P who is the father of U and uncle of V, sits to the left of the person who likes TVS. U is an immediate neighbor of her aunty W who does not sit next to S. R does not like Royal Enfield or Bajaj. W is the only sister-in-law of P whereas Q likes KTM and daughter-in-law of R. The two youngest members sit next to each other. The one likes the Yamaha sits between V and the one who likes SUZUKI. V is third to the left of S. The one who likes KTM sits between the persons who like Bajaj and Royal Enfield Respectively. S’s husband and son sit next to her. Honda is not liked by V’s father. V does not like Hero or Bajaj. S is the mother of P and T, and sits second to the left of T.

Solution :

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