Puzzle – 100 (HIGH) (Circle + Blood Based)

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Eight family members Deepak, Darshan, Deepa, Dinesh, Divya, Dhruv, Durga and Deepthi are sitting around a circular table but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are females and some of them are males. All of them are related to each other in the same way or the other. Some of them are facing the centre while some are facing outside.

 Only two people sit between Darshan and Divya, Darshan faces the centre. Dhruv sits second to the right of Darshan. Divya is the wife of Deepak. No female is an intermediate neighbour of Divya.

 Deepa is not an immediate neighbour of Darshan. Deepa is the daughter of Divya. Both the immediate neighbours of Deepa face the centre. Only three people sit between Deepak and Deepa’s brother. Dhruv is not the brother of Deepa. Neither Deepak nor Deepa’s brother is an immediate neighbour of Dhruv.

 Deepthi, wife of Darshan sits to the immediate left of Dinesh. Both Durga and Deepak face a direction opposite to that of Deepa. Deepa’s husband sits second to the left of Durga. Darshan’s father sits to the immediate right of Divya.Darshan sits second to the right of Father of Deepak.

Solution :

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