Puzzle – 94 (LoW)(Table Based)

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Seven boys A, D, Y, U, P, Q and J live in three different buildings- Ashiana, Top-view and Ridge. Each of them is flying kites of different colours i.e. Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Yellow and Pink not necessarily in that order. Not more than three or less than two stay in any of the buildings.

Q is flying a pink kite and lives in the same building as only J. i.e. Ashiana. Y is flying a black kite and does not live in Ridge building. U does not live in the same building as A or P and is flying a yellow coloured kite. D lives in Ridge building with only one more person and is flying a green kite. None in the Top-view building flies a white kite. P does not fly a blue kite.

Solution :

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