Puzzle Question – 15 (HIGH) (Table Based)

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8 cricketers- M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T belongs to different teams-Australia, India, Sri Lanka and England. They use different brands of Bat-GM, Reebok, MRF, SG and SS and hits sixes varying 1 to 5. 2 persons belong to each country, not more than 2 persons use the same bat and hit the same number of sixes. The following information is known about them.

i. T belongs to Sri Lanka and hits the maximum number of sixes but does not use the SG bat.
ii. N and P hit the same number of sixes.
iii. The one who hits less number of sixes than both M and P uses SS bat and is the only one uses that bat but doesn’t belong to Australia.
iv. M uses GM bat and either belongs to India or Australia.
v. One of the persons belonging to India hits 3 sixes and uses GM bat.
vi. S does not hit the maximum number of sixes and either belongs to India or Australia.
vii. P neither uses MRF nor GM bat.
viii. One of the persons using MRF hits more sixes than O and less than S.
ix. N and S use the same bat.
x. Q hits 2 sixes.
xi. N and Q belong to the same country but not England.
xii. One of the persons belonging to England uses MRF and hits the minimum number of sixes but is not R.
xiii. One of the persons who use Reebok belongs to Australia and the other one belongs to India.
xiv. One of the persons belonging to England hits 2 sixes.

Solution :

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