Puzzle – 86 (HIGH) (Table Based)

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P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are seven executives of an organisation ABC. There are no other executives besides them. The management body of the organisation decided to post the seven executives in seven different countries. The names of the countries New Zealand, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, India, Australia and England. The names of the countries are not necessarily in the same order as that of the names of the persons. There are three married couples among the executives. One feature is that despite having equal efficiencies their salaries are different.

R has been posted in New Zealand and her salary is more than the salary of the person posted in Maxico or the one in Colombia. T is married to the person posted in Australia and T gets the least salary. No woman is posted in Colombia, Maxico or Australia. V is married to Q and his salary is more than P or S. U is not posted in colombia. The salary of the person who is posted in Australia is more than that of the one posted in England but less the one posted in Colombia. The salary of Q, who is posted in Argentina is more than that of P. P is posted in England. U’s wife is not posted either in India or England. No one gets more salary than the wife of the person who is posted in Colombia. None of the male executives was drawing more salary than U.

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