Puzzle – 43 (LoW) (Circle + Blood Based)

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There are eight members in a family-Sonali, Nisha, Soha, Nidhi, Sania, Neha, Sonia, and Naman sitting around a circular table facing the direction opposite to the center.

Sania is sitting right to his father-in-law. Naman is the youngest member of the family and he is not the son of Sonali. Soha sits third to the left of Nisha. Nidhi sits fourth to the right of Naman and neither of them is an immediate neighbor of Soha. The head of the family, who is the oldest person in the family, is sitting between Nisha and her husband and her husband and that person is not Neha. Sonali, the son of Nisha is sitting to the immediate left of Nidhi. At present, there are only two couples in the family, and none of the couples are either one of the oldest or the youngest. Only one couple among the two is sitting together. Nidhi is an unmarried female.

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