Puzzle – 210 (Moderate) (Table Based)

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Rohit, Brendon, Posco, Mark and Shahid are lawyer, architect, doctor, waiter and engineer by profession, not necessarily in the same order. They live in different cities among Delhi, Chicago, London, New York and Kolkata, and drive cars of different colours among black, red, yellow, white and grey, but not necessarily in the given order. Each of them works for either a Korean or a Japanese company.

The engineer lives in Delhi. Both the architect and the person whose drives a white car work for a Japanese company. Posco is neither an architect nor lives in London. Mark is a lawyer and works for a Japanese company. Brendon works for a Korean company. All three – the person who drives a grey car, the person who lives in London, and the one who lives in New York – work for a Korean company. The architect drives a yellow car. Rohit drives neither a yellow nor a grey car. Neither Brendon nor Rohit is a waiter by profession. Shahid doesn’t live in Chicago. The doctor doesn’t drive a red car.

Solution :

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