Puzzle – 177 (Moderate) (Table Based)

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T, Q, G, A, S, I and C are seven friends working in three different organizations, i.e. X, Y and Z. Not more than three or less than two work in any of the organizations. Two of them have specialization in Finance and two in Marketing and one each in Computers, Electronics Engineering and HR. Three of them are females, one in each organization. The persons with same specializations don’t work together in any of the organizations.

(i) S works in organization Y and has specialized in Computers.
(ii) I works in organization X and has specialized in Finance.
(iii) None in organization Z has specialized in Finance.
(iv) Q works in organization Z with only C.

(v) G and A don’t work together.
(vi) T works with neither I nor G.
(vii) T has specialized in Marketing whereas her friend C has specialized in Electronics Engineering.
(viii) One of the females is an HR specialist. Q is not an HR specialist.
(ix) None of the females has specialized in Electronics Engineering.

Solution :

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