Puzzle – 209 (Moderate) (Linear RoW Based)

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An Indo-Australian Cricket committee comprises eight persons – James, Peter, Roger, Nathan, Brendon, Ricky, Shikhar and Rohit – who are sitting in a row in the given order, from left to right, all facing the North direction. Half the committee members are Australians. There are three Secretaries, two Joint Secretaries, two Vice Presidents and a President in the committee.

Each Secretary and the President always sit next to at least one Joint Secretary. No two Indians are sitting next to each other. James is not Indian. One of the Secretaries is sitting at one of the ends. The Indian Vice President sits to the immediate right of the Australian Vice President who is not sitting at any of the ends. Exactly one Vice President and exactly one Joint Secretary are Australian. No two Secretaries are sitting next to each other. Exactly two Secretaries are Indian.

Solution :

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