Puzzle – 194 (Moderate) (Table Based)

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Seven friends Cruise, Demon, Robert, Watson, Smith, Rocky and Nathan who likes different cities namely Surat, Kolkata, Bangaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Ranchi, Pune and studies in 3 different colleges Hindu, Ramjas, Sriram. At least 2 students study together.

Watson studies with one who likes Banglore in Ramjas. One who likes Delhi studies only with Rocky. Rocky does not like Bangaluru. Cruise studies with those who like Surat and Pune. Cruise does not study with Watson. Robert studies only with one who likes Mumbai. One who likes Mumbai does not study with one who likes Delhi. More than one person studies with Demon. Demon does not like Pune. Both Nathan & one who likes Ranchi study in same school but not in Hindu. Rocky does not like Ranchi.

Solution :

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