Puzzle – 97 (Moderate) (Month Based)

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There are eight friends namely Ashika, Gunjan, Neha, Prerna, Raveena, Ankita, Komal and Surbhi were born in different months of same year but not necessarily in same order. They were born in month viz. January, April, June and August on two different dates 5th or 21st.

Surbhi was not born before Gunjan. Only one person was born between Surbhi and Komal. Both Surbhi and Komal were born in month which has 30 days. Only one person was born between Surbhi and Ankita. Three persons were born between Neha and Raveena. Neither Raveena nor Neha was born in June. Prerna was born in January. Ashika was not born in January. Gunjan was born on date 21st of a month. Komal was born after Raveena but before Neha. Gunjan was not born in June.

Solution :

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