Puzzle – 89 (Moderate) (Circle Based)

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Eight persons Basha, Saran, Arvind, Rakesh, Yuvan, Harish, Vignesh and Naresh are seated around a circular table such that four faces the centre and four are facing opposite to the centre. They like different currencies: Riyal, Pound, Ringgit, Renminbi, Euro, Yen, Rupee and Dinar not necessarily in the same order. The arrangement is based on the following rules:

• One who likes Dinar is seated opposite to Basha.

• Rakesh is 3rd to the right of the one who likes Yen who is seated between Saran and the one who likes Ringgit.

• Vignesh is 3rd to the left of Arvind who likes Rupee.

• Naresh is to the immediate left of the one who likes Euro.

• One who likes Dinar is a neighbour of Rakesh.

• Basha does not like Yen and Vignesh does not like Dinar.

• Basha is 2nd to the left of Yuvan who is not a neighbour of Rakesh.

• Either Basha or Vignesh likes Euro.

• Rakesh and Saran are seated facing the same direction.

• The one who likes Ringgit is 2nd to the right of the one who likes Pound.

• Rakesh and Naresh do not like Pound, Vignesh faces outside the centre.

• One who likes Renminbi is facing the opposite direction faced by Arvind.

• Not more than two persons who sits on consecutive seats face the same direction.

Solution :

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