Puzzle – 120 (Moderate) (Month Based)

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Eight persons – Adiya, Sahil, Ananya, Anshika, Ankur, Tiya, Rohit, Kavya have seminars in January, April, September and December with two seminars in each month. The seminar is scheduled either on 22 or 28th of the month.

Aditya’s seminar is scheduled in a month having 30 days. Seminar of Kavya is somewhere after Tiya’s seminar. Ankur’s seminar is on 22nd April. There are two seminars scheduled between Sahil’s and Ananya’s seminars. One of seminars of Sahil and Ananya is somewhere before Ankur’s seminar. Rohit’s seminar is immediately after Ananya’s seminar. There is only one seminar after Kavya’s seminar. Ananya and Tiya have seminars on same date but not in September.

Solution :

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