Puzzle – 304 (LoW) (Table Based)

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Six persons Jaya, Kavya, Lokesh, Mani, Neelaksh and Ojasvee like different mobiles i.e. Sony , Lenovo , Apple , Samsung , Acer and OnePus. Each of them use different apps i.e. Wechat , Viber , Hike , Faceapp , Like and Halo. All information is not necessarily in same order.

Kavya use Faceapp and does not like Oneplus and Acer. Mani likes Lenovo and does not use Halo and Like. Ojasvee likes Apple and use Wechat. The one who use Viber does not like Lenovo and Oneplus. The one who use Faceapp does not like Samsung. Lokesh likes Oneplus and does not use Like. Jaya does not like Acer and does not use Like.

Solution :

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