Puzzle – 340 (LoW) (Table Based)

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Subhash Kapoor, Dibakar Kumar, David Ghai, Sooraj Advani, Nikhil Bajpai and Vinod Bhatt are six renowned film- makers who specialize in six different genres – Comedy, Thriller, Satire, Horror, Action and Drama – and belong to six different cities – Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata – not necessarily in the same order.

Dibakar Kumar belongs to Kolkata. The film-maker who specializes in Action doesn’t belong to Kolkata. Sooraj Advani specializes in Thriller and doesn’t belong to Delhi. The film-maker who specializes in Drama belongs to Bengaluru. David Ghai doesn’t belong to Bengaluru. Subhash Kapoor belongs to Mumbai, and he specializes in neither Horror nor Action. Vinod Bhatt doesn’t belong to Delhi and doesn’t specialize in Drama. The film-maker who specializes in Satire belongs to Hyderabad.

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