Puzzle – 72 (Moderate) (Linear Based)

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A certain number of students of a school are sitting in a row facing North. They study in different standards and Each of them likes different subjects. There are 2 vacant seats in the row.

Number of seats between H and C is same as between E and D, whose favorite subject is Gk. One of the vacant seat is between E and B. The student who likes Chemistry studies in 11th standard. The one sitting exactly between H and E likes History and studies in 8th standard. Both J and D sits at extreme ends of line. Number of places between G and E is same as that of G and A. C studies in 2nd standard and sits 5th from left end of the row. A likes Mathematics, studies in 1st standard and there is one seat between A and I. There is one seat between E and B. There are 6 places between G and D. A is sitting to the immediate right of J, who likes Chemistry. I is sitting 4th from one of the ends of row and likes Hindi. B is sitting besides D. G is 4th to the left of E, who studies in 7th standard and physics (Phy) is favourite subject. G sits to the immediate right of C, who likes English. F is sitting exactly in the middle of row, studies in 6th standard and Biology (Bio) is his favourite subject. K likes History. The one studying in 4th standard sits at one of the extreme ends of the row. The one sitting exactly between F and K studies in 3rd standard and likes Science (Sci). The students who likes Computer (Comp) studies in 10th standard. G likes Punjabi and studies in 9th standard. One of the students studies in 5th standard.

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