Puzzle – 70 (Moderate) (Linear Based)

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A certain number of people are seated in a row facing north and they drive different cars.

Rajat occupy fourth place from the left end of the row. Rohit sits at one of the extreme ends of the row and drives Breeza. Raju drives Desire and there is only one seat to the right of Raju. There are 2 seats between Raju and one who drives Alto. Number of persons between Richa and Rehana are same as that of persons between Rachit and Richa. Ritwik is an immediate neighbor of Rohit. There is a vacant seat between Rajat and Ritwik and both of them likes either Zen or Maruti. Rohan sits to the immediate left of Rachit. Richa, who drives Alto sits exactly in between the vacant seats. There is a vacant seat to the immediate right of Raju. Rajat sits third to the left of Rachit and none of the seats between Rajat and Rachit is vacant. One of the person sitting in the row is Ram.

Solution :

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