Puzzle – 46 (HIGH) (Box Based)

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A farmer arranged eight packed vegetable boxes in eight shelves numbered 0 to 7. The bottommost shelf is numbered 0 and the above the shelf is numbered a 1 and so on.Eight boxes are named as M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7 and M8 and each box has different height. All the above information is not necessarily in the same order.

The number of boxes between M2 and M8 is as same as the number of boxes between M2 and M4. Box M4 and Box M1 didn’t place in adjacent shelves. He placed M5 box in shelf number 4. The height of boxes arranged in shelf number 5 and 0 is not a multiple of 20 and the height of a box arranged in shelf 5 is lesser than the box arranged in shelf 0. The boxes M5 and M7 are the 2nd and 4th position respectively among all with respect to the increasing order of heights and the height of both boxes is multiple of 20. Sum of one fourth of the height of M1 box and thrice the height of M3 box is 70cm. Number of boxes between M5 and M7 is one less than that of M5 and M3. M7 box is placed at one of the places above M3 box but not immediately above. Sum of twice the height of M1 and one fourth of the height of M4 box is 100cm. The height of box M8 is 40cm more than the height of box M4. The height of boxes M2 and M6 is one fifth of the height of boxes M4 and M8 respectively. One fifth of the height of box M3 is 4 cm.

Solution :

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