Daily Puzzle Questions (16-09-2019)

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Beginner Level

Puzzle 1

There are 7 competitions which are to be held from Monday to Sunday such that on any day one only competition is to be held. The events of competitions are – Olympiad, Painting, Debate, Dancing, Singing, Short Story and Skating, but not necessarily in the same order.. In each of these competitions different number of students took part as – 100, 130, 145, 175, 215, 250 and 280, but not necessarily in the same order.

Olympiad took place on Thursday. Lowest number of students took part in Dancing. Debate competition is to be held after Singing. There is one competition which is to be held between Olympiad and Debate. The competition in which 215 students took part held immediately before the one in which 145 students took part. 130 students took part in Singing. There are three competitions which are to be held between Dancing and Debate. The competition in which 175 students took part held on Friday. There are as many competitions between Singing and Skating as between Short Story and Skating. Painting competition did not take place on Sunday. Also the largest number of students did not take part in Painting competition.

Solution :

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Puzzle – 2

Six persons Chitrarth, Gaurav, Apoorva, Adarsh, Sahil and Sonalin who are wearing Black, White, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow coloured caps are travelling to different towns -‐Goa, Ajmer, Surat, Bhopal, Lucknow and Cuttack not necessarily in that oder, these persons had participated in a lottery at the end of which each of them secured different ranks. It is also known that:

(i) Sonalin secured 4th position and was going to Ajmer.
(ii) The person wearing blue coloured cap was going to Bhopal and didn’t secure 2nd position.
(iii) Adarsh wearing white coloured cap was not going to Goa or Lucknow and he was not ranked 1st .
(iv) The person wearing green coloured cap was ranked 6th and he was going to Lucknow.
(v) The person who secured 3rd position was going to Cuttack.
(vi) The person who secured 1st rank was going to Surat and he was not wearing black or red coloured cap.
(vii) Chitrarth was wearing yellow coloured cap while Sonalin was not wearing red coloured cap.

Solution :

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Moderate Level

Puzzle 3

12 persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L are sitting on 2
rectangular tables such that smaller table is embedded in larger table. The people on smaller table sit only in middle facing outside while people on larger table sit both in corners as well as in middle facing inside.

D and L sit opposite to each other. The one who is exactly between A and F is sitting second to the left of H. There is only one person sitting between K and J. L sits to the immediate left of J. K does not face H. A is sitting at one of the corners. Number of persons sitting between C and H is same as that of persons sitting between A and I. I is sitting third to the left of G, who sits immediate left of F. B and E are immediate neighbors to each other. A is sitting second to the right of F. D faces neither G nor H.

Solution :

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Puzzle – 4

Among Eight friends there are four males D, C, B, A and four females N, M, L, and K. They all are seated around a square table in such a way that two are on each side with equal distance. Each of them belongs to different cities i.e. Agra, Patna, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. A combination of one male and one female are seated on each four sides. All are facing the centre of the table.

The person who belongs to Jaipur sits immediate right of C. D belongs to Lucknow and sits opposite to the person who belongs to Mumbai. M does not belong to Patna. A is seated third to the right of K, who is not near to D. The person who belongs to Hyderabad sits opposite to N. B is seated second to the left of N who belongs to Agra. M is seated third to the left of L, who belongs to Chennai.

Solution :

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Advance Level

Puzzle – 5

Seven persons P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are in different heights and weights and have holidays in different weekdays starting from Sunday to Saturday. None of the person has holiday on the same day. The tallest person in the group is considered as rank 1 and the second tallest person is rank 2 and so on such that the shortest person is ranked as 7, in the same way the heaviest person is considered as rank 1 and the second heaviest person is rank 2 and so on such that the lightest person is ranked as 7.

T is not as much as height as U and is taller than R but shorter than one who is sixth heaviest. V is the lightest. Q is taller than U but not tallest. V is not shorter than P, who is shorter than U. One who is fourth tallest is heavier than only two people. One who has holiday on Friday is third lightest. One who is fifth lightest has last day as a holiday but not R.Q has holiday on immediately after the one who is third shortest person in the group but not on Thursday. R has holiday immediately after V. Shortest person is not the heaviest person. One who is heaviest has holiday on Tuesday but he is not the sixth tallest person in the group. Only one person is taller than and lighter than S and P respectively. Number of people taller than U is as same as the number of people lighter than Q.

Solution :

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