Puzzle – 50 (HIGH) (Uncertain Box Based)

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Certain numbers of boxes are placed in a stack one above another. No two boxes are placed in a same shelf. Each boxes has different number of Pens.

Four boxes are placed between A and E which is placed below box G. Not more than four boxes are placed above A. Three boxes are placed between E and the box which has 24pens which is placed above E. The Box S is placed at topmost position. There are six boxes are placed between S and the box which has 40pens.The number of boxes placed between box A and the box which has 40pens is half of the number of boxes placed below box E. Box G is placed just above box T. Six Boxes are placed between T and H which is placed three position below the box which has 36pens. Box H is placed second position from bottom. Eight boxes are placed between G and the box which has 12pens.

Solution :

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