Puzzle – 43 (HIGH) (Box + Day Based)

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Eight gift boxes G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7and G8 are purchased from eight different E- commerce websites viz. Flipkart, Amazon, EBay, Snap deal, Yebhi, Myntra, Shop clues and Infibeam which are delivered to Eight different places viz. Bangalore, Raipur, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, Kochi, Amaravati and Kolkata on six different days starting from Monday to Saturday. All the above information is not necessarily in the same order. At least one and not more than two gift boxes are delivered on a same day. Not more than one Box is bought from same E-commerce website and not more than one box is delivered to the same place.

It is also known that, Two days gap between G2 and G1. G5 is not bought from Amazon. G3 is not delivered to Raipur. The Box G4 is delivered to Chennai on Tuesday. The Box which is bought from EBay is delivered to Kolkata. Number of Boxes delivered after G5 is as same as the number of Boxes delivered before G8. Only one box is delivered on last day. G6 is not bought from Flipkart. The Box which is bought from Myntra is delivered to Jaipur. G2 is delivered at one of the days after the Box G3. G1 is delivered to Bangalore. Box which is delivered to Pune is delivered immediately before the day of Box which is delivered to Kochi. G5 is delivered immediately before or immediately after the day on which G4 is delivered. G1 is delivered on the first day. The Boxes which are bought from Snap deal and Amazon are delivered on a same day. One of the Boxes delivered on Wednesday is bought from Flipkart. Box which is bought from Flipkart is delivered immediately after the box which is bought from Yebhi but immediately before the box which is bought from EBay. Box G3 and G6 are delivered on a same day. Box G7 is bought from Shop clues.

Solution :

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