Puzzle – 39 (HIGH) (Box Based)

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There are eight boxes placed in eight different racks which is one above another. The bottom most rack is numbered one and the rack above one is numbered two and so on such that the topmost rack is numbered eight. Each box consists of different varieties of nuts viz., Almond, Pecan, Hazelnut, Walnut, Pine nut, Peanut, Cashew and Pistachio which are in different weights (in kg) viz., 4, 7, 12, 18, 23, 27, 33 and 39 but not necessary in the same order. The boxes are in four different colours viz., Blue, Green, Red and White. Not more than two boxes are in same colour.

There are only two boxes kept between the box which has Peanut and the box which has 39 kg of nuts. Both the red coloured boxes are placed in odd numbered racks. The box which has Peanut is kept at one of the racks below fourth rack. The box which has Hazelnut is placed in even numbered rack and is not in Green colour. No two boxes having same colour are kept immediately below or above in the rack. Only one box is kept between Green coloured boxes and the box having Almond. The rack number and the weight of the Pine nut are same. Sum of the weights of nuts in Blue coloured boxes is square of a number. The White coloured box is kept just above the box having 27 kg of nuts, which is kept in odd numbered rack. The box having Almond is kept at one of the odd numbered racks above the box having Peanut. None of the Green coloured boxes are kept in lower most rack.The weight of Cashew nut is a prime number and it is not in the colour as same as the one in the fifth rack. Only one box is kept between Pine nut and Hazelnut, which is not placed immediately below the box having Peanut. There are three boxes kept between the box having Walnut and the box which is in White colour. Only two boxes are kept between the box having Pecan and the box which has 7 kg of nuts. As many boxes are kept above the box having Cashew is as same as the boxes below the box which has 12 kg of nuts. The weight of Pecan is not in multiples of 11.

Solution :

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