Puzzle – 346 (LoW) (Table Based)

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Praveen, Pallavi, Prabhu, Pavani, Prem, Pooja, and Priya are seven teachers working in four institutes namely Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Godavari. These institutes are operated by the group of seven teachers mentioned above. The institutes are open only on Sunday. At least one teacher visits the coaching institute on each Sunday but no institute is visited by more than two teachers. Each teacher teaches different subjects. Subjects are: Hindi, English, Maths, Physic, History, Biology and Sanskrit. The names of the subjects are not necessarily in the same order as the names of the teachers. Now study some additional clues.

Pooja, who teaches Sanskrit, visits alone the institute Yamuna. The one who teaches Maths does not visit the institute Ganga. also, he never visits with Prem or Priya. Pallavi visit the institute Narmada,she does not teach Maths. Prabhu visit the institute Narmada. Priya does not teaches Physics. The one who teaches Maths visits the institute with the person who teaches Hindi. The one who teaches History visits the institute Godavari. Praveen teaches neither English nor Physics. All the persons follow the same routine on every Sunday. Pavani visits the institute Godavari with the person who teaches Physics.

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