Puzzle – 27 (LoW) (Table Based)

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Seven friends- Swati, Sekhar, Sonu, Sandeep, Sarman, Shenaz, Shiny go to a computer training class. They have different sun signs- Pisces, Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Gemini. Each one of them carries a different brand laptop. The brands are Lenovo, Samsung, Hp, Dell, Sony, Apple, iball. Three of them are Hindus and four are Muslim.

None of the Hindus has sun sign cancer or Taurus or Aries. Swati is a Virgo and has and owns a Lenovo laptop. Sekhar owns a Samsung laptop. Shiny is not a Leo. Sonu has sun sign Aries and he owns HP laptop. Sandeep is a Taurean and does not own Apple laptop. Sarman is a Cancerian and owns a Sony laptop. The Leo owns an I ball laptop whereas the Piscean owns Samsung laptop. The one with sun sign Gemini has an apple laptop. None of the Hindus has a Samsung laptop.

Solution :

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