Puzzle – 223 (Moderate) (Table Based)

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There are seven students, A, B, C, D, E, F and G. And they lite. different subjects viz. Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Science, and Art but not necessarily in the same order. They play different games viz. Ludo, Chess, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Carom, and Kho-Kho but not necessarily in the same order. They are from different sectors of Noida viz. Noida Sec-37, Noida Sec-62, Noida Sec-58, Noida Sec-12, Noida Sec-44, and Noida Sec-19. Each subject is liked by at least one student except two subjects which are liked by two students each. Only two students are there, who are from the same place (Sector). The following information is known about them.

A likes English subject. E likes Art subject and plays cricket. The student who plays Badminton belongs to Noida Sec-44. D and F likes same subject. The only student who belongs to Noida Sec-37 plays Ludo. B plays either Chess or Carrom. F belongs to Noida Sec-19. The one who belongs to Noida Sec-12 plays Football but he does not like English subject nor he is the D. Neither B nor F likes Sanskrit subject. The student who likes Hindi belongs to Noida Sec-58 and in any case he is not D. The student who plays Kho-Kho likes Sanskrit subject. C and E belong to same sector of Noida. There are two students who like Sanskrit subject. A does not belong to Noida Sec-37 and C does not like Football.

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