Puzzle – 191 (Moderate) (Floor Based)

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There are five managers Manprit, Pratik, Kunal, Sumit and Tilak, who live in a five-storey building. The lowermost floor is numbered one and the topmost floor is numbered five. Each manager likes a different pet viz Dog, Parrot, Cow, Cat and Rabbit but not necessarily in the same order. Each manager works in a different company, viz Apple, Motorola, Vodafone, LG and Samsung.

Manprit works in Samsung and lives on the lowermost floor. The manager who lives on the topmost floor does not like Cow or Parrot. Sumit works in Vodafone and likes Cow. The one who likes Parrot does not live below the person who likes Dog. The one who works in Motorola likes Cat and lives on an even-numbered floor. Tilak lives on an odd-numbered floor and likes Rabbit. Kunal works in LG and lives just above the person who likes Cat.

Solution :

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