Puzzle – 103 (HIGH) (Rectangle + Age Based)

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P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are 8 members of a family each having different age. Also each person likes different colours i.e. Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Grey, Purple, Pink and White. They are sitting around a rectangular table facing the centre and they all are seated with equal distance, but not necessarily in the same order. Each side of the table two person sits together, no person sits on the corner of the table. Ages are an integer value. There are four couples in the family. Each husband is at least two years elder than his wife.

V does not sit opposite to W. R’s son-in-law does not like Purple and Red colour. S, who is 34 years old, is son-in-law of T and seated second to the right of V, who is the wife of P. S’s brother-in-law likes Pink colour. Person likes Black colour sits second to the right of the person, who is 80 year. R is the father of Q who is not the youngest member in the family. W’s grandfather does not like White colour. No three females are sitting together. The daughter-in-law of P is 56 years old. W is 6 years elder than his wife. The person who is 36 years old is seated second to the left of U’s father-in-law. The age of P is 2.5 times the age of Q. Only one couple can sit together. The one, whose age is 78 years likes neither Grey nor White colour. No one is less than 22 years old. Each parent is at least 20 years elder than his/ her child. V is the grandmother of W. The daughter-in-law of T is not near to him. The one who likes Blue coloar, is immediate neighbour of the persons, who likes Red colour and the one, who is husband of U. Person likes Purple colour sits opposite to the person, who is immediate right of Q’s husband. P is seated between W’s grandmother and wife of W.

Solution :

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