Puzzle – 45 (HIGH) (Floor Based)

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There are 9 children – C, D, E, F, O, P, Q, R and S living in a multi-storey building numbered 1-9 from bottom to top floor but not necessarily in same order. Each studies in different class of different schools and got different ranks. Their ranks were either a prime number or square number ranging from 1 – 30 but not more than one got same rank. Each studies in different class viz. III, V, VI and VII. Not more than 3 and less than 2 studies in same class. Three of them studies in SBOA, two of them in AET and rest in Don Bosco School.

The Children who is living in the floor numbered 5, studies in SBOA School. The floor number of E is divisible by its Class. C got the second highest rank among the students in the building. D studies in Class V which consists of 40 students and number of people who got rank below him is as same as the rank of C. The students studying in Class V, belongs to same school. The rank of S is half of his floor number. No student below floor numbered 5, studies in Class VII. Neither C nor F belongs to Floor numbered 1 and 9. Only S got rank in single digit and F’s rank is a square of S’s rank.

There are 4 floors between C and F, and both belong to same school. The difference between ranks of D and O is 10 and O has got highest rank. The students studying in AET School, belongs to neither Class III nor Class V. Q studies in Class VI and his rank is a square of his floor number. P is junior to S and O. The Children in the floor numbered 1 and 9, studies in the same school but not in Don Bosco School. C studies in neither Don Bosco nor SBOA school. C and R belongs to the class as same as their floor number and his rank is a prime number. P studies in Don Bosco and got third least rank among the children in his building. Number of Children living above P is as same as the Children living below D; both don’t studies in AET School. E and R belong to same class and E got 13th rank and studies in SBOA School. R lives immediately below D who studies in Don Bosco School. The difference between ranks of C and R is as same as the difference between ranks of O and E.

Solution :

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