Puzzle – 77 (HIGH) (Circle + Age Based)

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Eight people A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are in the sitting in the circular table. Some people are facing inside the circle, while three people are facing outside the circle. Each of them is in different age. All the given information is not necessary to be in the same order.

F is a youngest person in the group. Only two people are sitting between A and F. G sits second to the left of D. The person who is an immediate neighbour of D, is 36 year old person. E is the oldest person in the group, whose age is 70 years. H sits second to the left of E. C faces outside the centre of the circle. The person whose age is 9 less than E sits second to the right of F.Immediate neighbours of A faces opposite direction to each other.D sits second to the second to the right of the person whose age is 61.A’s age is 30 years less than the person who sits opposite to A. Only one person sits between D and G, whose age is less than A. H and C are sitting opposite to each other and H faces same direction as A.C is not an immediate neighbour of D. The person who sits second to the right of G is 3 years less than G. D’s age is 20 years more than one of his neighbour. F and G are facing same direction. G’s age is 12 less than A.The difference of D’s age and B’s is square root of age of F.H is younger to A, who is elder to C.The difference of H’s age and C’s age is same as same as the difference of B and D’s age.

Solution :

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