The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 29 Aug 2021

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Here You Will Get Important The Hindu Vocab Lists For Exams Like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level tests, Other Exams, and so forth. PuzzlesHuB gives you 10 new vocab words daily From The Hindu Editorial on the daily regular schedule which will profit you in the upcoming assessments. The Hindu Editorial vocab list is a booster and an important part of learning and understanding the English language. It will surely improve your reading skills and marks in exams like SSC / Bank Po / Bank Clerk / SBI JA / SBI PO other Competitive Exams. We collect daily top 10 vocabulary words used regularly from the Hindu newspaper.

? The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 29 August 2021 ?

  1. SUBSTANTIVE (ADJECTIVE): (ठोस): Substantial
    Synonyms: Significant, Essential
    Antonyms: Inessential
    Example Sentence:
    There is no substantive evidence for the efficacy of these drugs.
  2. DISPROPORTIONATE (ADJECTIVE): (असंगत): Out of proportion to
    Synonyms: Inordinate, Unreasonable
    Antonyms: Proportionate
    Example Sentence:
    People usually spend a disproportionate amount of their income on fuel.
  3. OMINOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अमंगल): Threatening
    Synonyms: Menacing, Baleful
    Antonyms: Promising
    Example Sentence:
    The door closed with an ominous boom that echoed throughout the room.
  4. SUPPRESS (VERB): (दबाना): Subdue
    Synonyms: Defeat, Conquer
    Antonyms: Incite
    Example Sentence:
    The rising of the empire was completely suppressed.
  5. RIVAL (NOUN): (प्रतिद्वंद्वी): Competitor
    Synonyms: Opponent Contestant
    Antonyms: Partner
    Example Sentence:
    He has no serious rival for the job he wants to do.

  6. FACTION (NOUN): (अंदरूनी कलह): Infighting
    Synonyms: Dissension, Dissent
    Antonyms: Harmony
    Example Sentence:
    The council was increasingly being split by faction.
  7. ABDICATE (VERB): (त्यागना): Disown
    Synonyms: Turn down, Spurn
    Antonyms: Accept
    Example Sentence:
    The government was accused of abdicating its responsibility.
  8. OVERLY (ADVERB): (अत्यंत): Unduly
    Synonyms: Excessively, Inordinately
    Antonyms: Moderately
    Example Sentence:
    She was a jealous and overly possessive woman.
  9. EXPATRIATE (VERB): (प्रवासी): Emigrant
    Synonyms: Non-native, Emigré
    Antonyms: National
    Example Sentence:
    American expatriates now live in London.
  10. IDEAL (ADJECTIVE): (आदर्श): Perfect
    Synonyms: Best possible, Supreme
    Antonyms: Bad
    Example Sentence:
    The swimming pool is ideal for a quick dip.

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