Puzzle – 87 (LoW) (Day Based)

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Seven conferences on Marketing, Finance, HR, Real Estate, Hospitality, Management, and Banking were scheduled to be held in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Bhopal and Chennai, on one day in a week starting from Monday and ending on Sunday.

Conference on Hospitality was held in Hyderabad on Friday. Only one conference was held between conference on hospitality and Finance. Conference on Management was held immediately after HR but immediately before Banking. Conference on Management was not held in Indore. The conference held on Monday was held in Delhi. Only one Conference was held between conferences on Banking and the conference held in Mumbai. The conference on HR was not held in Mumbai. Conference in Pune was held immediately before conference in Indore. Conference on Real Estate was not held on Monday. Conference in Chennai was not held after conference in Mumbai.

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