Puzzle – 337 (LoW) (Comparison Based)

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There are seven friends – Brian, Paul, Qasim, Rustam, Sam, Tom and Winston – each of whom likes a different subject among Chemistry, Geography, Physics, Math, Sociology, History and Biology. They are ranked 1 to 7 in their final exams, with 1 being the best rank stand at top and 7 the worst stand at bottom according to their rank order.

Qasim likes Sociology, and he stands above Tom but below Winston. Tom gets the worst rank, and he likes neither Geography nor History. Sam likes Physics, and he stands above both Qasim and Winston but below Paul. Rustam gets Rank 2, and he likes neither Chemistry nor Math. Paul likes Biology, and he hasn’t secured the best rank. The student who likes Math gets the best rank. Rustam doesn’t like Geography.

Solution :

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