Puzzle – 62 (Moderate) (Square Based)

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Among Eight friends there are four males D, C, B, A and four females N, M, L, and K. They all are seated around a square table in such a way that two are on each side with equal distance. Each of them belongs to different cities i.e. Agra, Patna, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. A combination of one male and one female are seated on each four sides. All are facing the centre of the table.

The person who belongs to Jaipur sits immediate right of C. D belongs to Lucknow and sits opposite to the person who belongs to Mumbai. M does not belong to Patna. A is seated third to the right of K, who is not near to D. The person who belongs to Hyderabad sits opposite to N. B is seated second to the left of N who belongs to Agra. M is seated third to the left of L, who belongs to Chennai.

Solution :

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