Puzzle – 98 (Moderate) (Square Based)

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There are eight friends naming G, K, M, P, R, S, T and V seating on a square table and facing center nut not necessarily in same order. Four friends areseating on four corners and four friends seating on middle of the side. They are preparing for different competition examination namely Bank, CGL, Railway, CTET, FCI, Insurance, UPSC and Stenographer.

P is not preparing for Railway. Two people sits between T and S. T sits in the middle of the side. R is preparing for UPSC and sits opposite of V. The one who preparing for Bank sits immediate left of G. M who is preparing for CGL sits second left of P. R and M are immediate neighbors. V sits third left of G. S does not prepare for Bank. The one who is preparing for Stenographer and the one who is preparing for Railway are immediate neighbors. Neither S nor V is preparing for Stenographer. G is not preparing for CTET and Insurance. The one who is preparing for FCI sits opposite of the one who is preparing for Insurance.

Solution :

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