Puzzle – 54 (Moderate) (Circle Based)

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8 persons P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting in a circle facing the centre. Each of them has a different profession – Doctor, Engineer, Editor, Journalist, Physician, Retailer, Teacher and Scientist. They like different games – Basket Ball, Badminton, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Swimming, Tennis and Wrestling. There are 3 females in the group.

V, who likes Cricket sits second to the right of W. S, who likes
Badminton sits opposite to T, who likes Football. T is a Teacher. S sits to the immediate right of Journalist. W is a scientist and likes Tennis. Only 1 person sits between P and T and she likes Swimming. The one who is a doctor sits second to the right of S. R is not a neighborer of Q. S is neither a Scientist nor a Retailer but is a female. Journalist does not sits to the immediate left of T. Q sits third to the right of U, who likes Wrestling. The one who is Teacher is not a male. Neither T nor S is a immediate neighborer of Q, who likes Basketball. Only 1 person who likes Football sits between R and the Engineer. Editor sits to the immediate left of Journalist. T does not sit to the immediate right of U.

Solution :

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