Puzzle – 75 (Moderate) (Uncertain Box Based)

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There are certain numbers of boxes which are placed in three stacks – stack 1, stack 2 and stack 3 from West to East. At least two boxes are placed in each stack. Each stack has seven shelves in such a way that the lowermost shelf is numbered 1, the shelf immediately above lowermost shelf is numbered 2 and so on… No two boxes are placed in the same stack in same shelf.

Five shelves are between box B and box F but not placed in the same stack. Box E and F are not placed in same stack. Box E is placed in stack 1. Box A is placed south east of box G and west of box H. Box G is not placed at top most position. Box M is placed two places above box H in same stack. Box B is in north east direction of Box C. Two shelves are placed between D and A. Box D is placed east of box F. Box E is placed at even number position. More than Two known boxes are placed in left most stack. Box C is placed three shelves above box E.

Solution :

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