Puzzle – 331 (LoW) (Table Based)

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Eight players Sachin, Virat, Rohit, Dhawan, Dhoni, Rahane, Gambhir, & Ashwin play for three different teams SRH, MI and KKR and like eight different colours viz. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and White not necessarily in the same order. At least two and not more than three players play for the same team.

Virat plays for MI and likes Violet. Rohit likes Green but do not play for SRH. No one from KKR likes White. The only other person in same team with Virat likes Blue. Dhoni likes White and Rahane likes Indigo. Ashwin does not like Blue and plays for the same team with Dhoni. Sachin and Gambhir both play for KKR. The one who plays for KKR does not like Orange. Gambhir does not like Red.

Solution :

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