Puzzle – 185 (LoW) (Table Based)

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There are seven persons P, Q, R, S, T, U and V like different watches Fastrack, Sonata, Titan, G-shock, Rolex, Rado and Casio, like different colors namely Orange, Green, White, Pink, Red, Blue and Black and also likes different sports namely, Cricket, Badminton, Golf, Football, Tennis, Racing and Shooting but not necessarily in the same order.

U likes Badminton and Q likes Golf. The one who likes G-shock also like Football. The one who likes Rolex also likes Pink color. V likes Casio but does not like Black. The one who likes Football and the one who likes Golf, like Red and Pink color but not necessarily in the same order. The one who likes Tennis also like Titan and White. The one who likes Shooting also like Blue color. The one who likes Sonata also like Racing and Orange color. P does not like Sonata. R likes Cricket and Fastrack. T and U likes Green and White, but not necessarily in the same order.

Solution :

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