Puzzle – 178 (Moderate) (Linear + Comparison Based)

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Seven students A, B, C, D, E, F and G are toppers of a class and are sitting in a row for a photo session. They all have scored different marks out of 50. The third rank holder is third to the left of sixth rank holder, who scored 7 marks less than the average marks of seven students but these two are not on the extreme ends. Marks of D are 36. B scored more marks than only three students and is seated fourth to the right of A, who is second topper and is seated on the extreme end of the row. Marks of C are 32 and 3 marks less than the average marks of all students. The seventh rank holder is second to the left of C, who is not third or sixth rank holder. Seventh rank holder scored more than 25. F is near to B but is not first rank holder. G is not the topper and topper scored 46 marks. Sum of the marks of first rank holder and seventh rank holder is equal to the sum of the marks of second and fifth rank holder.

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