The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 11 May 2020

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? The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 11 May 2020 ?

ATTEST (VERB): (संपुष्टि करना): certify

Synonyms: corroborate, confirm

Antonyms: disprove

Example Sentence: The witnesses must attest and sign the will in the testator’s presence.

VOLATILE(ADJECTIVE)(परिवर्तनशील): tense

Synonyms: strained, fraught

Antonyms: stable

Example Sentence: The political situation was becoming more volatile.

DEMARCATION (NOUN): (सीमांकन): separation

Synonyms: distinction, differentiation

Antonyms: indefiniteness

Example Sentence: The demarcation of the maritime border was essential.

EXPEDITE (VERB): (शीघ्रता करना): speed up

Synonyms: accelerate, hurry

Antonyms: delay

Example Sentence: He promised to expedite economic reforms.

DEMOLITION (NOUN): (विध्वंस): destruction

Synonyms: knocking down, flattening

Antonyms: construction

Example Sentence: The monument was saved from demolition.

FATALITY(NOUN): (मृत्यु): death

Synonyms: casualty, mortality

Antonyms: birth

Example Sentence: Pedestrian fatalities seldom occur in built-up areas.

ADAPTATION (NOUN):(अनुकूलन): converting

Synonyms: conversion, alteration

Antonyms: incongruity

Example Sentence: The adaptation of a teaching strategy is needed.

HAZARDOUS(ADJECTIVE): (खतरनाक): dangerous

Synonyms: risky, unsafe

Antonyms: safe

Example Sentence: We have to work in hazardous conditions.

PROLONG (VERB): (बढ़ाना): lengthen

Synonyms: extend, draw out

Antonyms: shorten

Example Sentence: I don’t want to prolong the discussion.

RETAIN (NOUN): (रखे रहना): keep

Synonyms: hold on to, hold fast to

Antonyms: give up

Example Sentence: Labour retained the seat.

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