Questions Asked In SSC CPO Tier I 2019

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Here we’re providing Memory Based Questions Asked In SSC CPO Tier I 2019 (9th Dec 2019) (All Shifts) so that all the aspirants can get an idea about exam pattern and difficulty level. Here you’re going to get all of the questions asked in SSC CPO examination conducted on 9th Dec 2019 (All Shifts) –

General Awareness

  • One question from the periodic table.
  • Who is the CJI of India?
  • SAARC Secretary-General?
  • how many places/cities from India included in UNESCO heritage
  • One question based on the article.
  • Nobel prize in economics?
  • The highest melting point of which metal in pure state?
  • Which of the following Governor-General divided courts as High Court & Supreme Court?
  • Rank of India in World press freedom index?
  • One question from Carbon Dating
  • Battle of Buxar?
  • Questions related to folk dance.
  • One question from Brics summit

English Language

  • alluring- synonym
  • Words written on inscription of tomb- Epitaph
  • spell check-pioneer

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Maths was calculative
  • DI questions were very tough
  • 5 companies A,B,C,D 2 DI- 1 Tabular based on Car sales
  • 1 pie chart…a company divided into %.,
  • one triangle angle is 90..A perpendicular from A to D… Length of AD if BC=25cm

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