GA Questions Asked in LIC Assistant Mains 2019 – Shift 1

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Dear All,

As the LIC Assistant 2019, examination held today i.e. 22nd December 2019 throughout India. and Now, the LIC Assistant examination is over. Here we’re come-out with the General Awareness (GA) Questions asked in today’s LIC Assistant examination. Candidates who’ve appeared within the examination can check there number of correct and number of wrong attempted GA questions from below asked in LIC Assistant Examination.

All GA Questions Asked in LIC Assistant Mains 2019 – Shift 1 | Memory Based Paper

Q1. Payment banks can apply for conversion into small finance banks (SFB) after ______________ of operations.
Answer: 5 Years

Q2. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued revised guidelines for ‘on tab’ licensing of small finance banks (SFB). The minimum _________ net worth is needed for the license of small finance bank.
Answer: Rs 200 crore

Q3. Name the cricketer who recently lead the master card project of team cashless India.
Answer: MS Dhoni

Q4. Who was the head of jury of 50th IFFI festival held in Goa?
Answer: John Bailey

Q5. Who is the head of Code for Responsible Lending (CRL) committee set up by RBI?
Answer: HR Khan

Q6. Who won the laueaus sportswomen of the year award 2019?
Answer: Simone Biles

Q7. What is the full form of CIRP?
Answer: Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.

Q8. What is the meaning of “P” in STP in banking and finance?
Answer: Straight Through Processing

Q9. Dharma Guardian’ military exercise between-
Answer: India-Japan

Q10. “MO Sarkar” initiative was launched by which state?
Answer: Odisha

Q11. Who is the Chairman of 50th IIFF held in Goa?
Answer: Amit Khare

Q12. Name the scheme launched by Andhra Pradesh for farmers.
Answer: YSR Rythu Bharosa

Q13. Nuclear floating plant reached it destination in September 2019. It is associated with which country?
Answer: Russia

Q14. “Trip protecter” insurance scheme laucnhed by which insurance company?
Answer HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

Q15. When Baseball and softball removed from Olympics?
Answer: 2012

Q16. In housing sector how much amount will be inthrust by Gov.
Answer: 10000 crores

Q17. Which state is top in NITI aayog innovative index 2019?
Answer: Karnataka

Q18. Name the women’s who did space walk first time.
Answer: Christina Koch and Jessica Meir

Q19. IFSC was first set up in which state in India.
Answer: GIFT City in Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Q20. Maharaj sayajirao University is located in which city.
Answer: Vadodara

Q21. Name the heritage landmark from India who is chosen for the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation 2019 situated in Ahmedabad.
Answer: Vikram Sarabhai Library from (IIM)

Q22. As per the 2019 Global Hunger Index, what is the rank of India?
Answer: 102nd

Q23. Name the w/o a serving Colonel of Indian Army has created Individual Guinness World Records for “The most full contact knee strikes”
Answer: Kiran Uniyal

Q24. Handicapped sub collector was appointed to which state.
Answer: Pranjal Patil(Kerala)

Q25. The 45th World Skills Kazan 2019 held in-
Answer: Kazan, Russia

Q26. India defeat which country to win SAFF U-15 Women’s Championships 2019.
Answer: Bangladesh

Q27. Which of the following feature is currently not present in AEPS?
Answer: Virtual Card Creation

Q28. Name the 12th richest city in India.
Answer: Mumbai

Q29. KHON Ramlila belongs to which country?
Answer: Thailand

Q30. 5th edition of the ICO’s World Coffee Conference (WCC) will be hosted by?
Anwer: Bengaluru

Q31. BCCI new President-
Answer: Sourav Ganguly

Q32 Under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana accidental insurance cover for new RuPay card holders to be raised from Rs 1 lakh to?
Answer: 2 lakh

Q33. One question was asked from Exchange-traded fund(ETF) Bond.

Q34. One question is asked from Double insurance.

Q35. World student day was observed in the remembrance of-
Answer: APJ Abdul Kalam (15 October)

Q36. Who has been appointed as the judge in Singapore International Council?
Answer: AK Sikri

Q37. NPS account can be opened by Indian citizens above the age of:
Answer: 18 years and less than 65 years of age

Q38 Which ministry launched Food Safety Mitra Scheme?
Answer: Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare

Q39. Which company has launched a nationwide initiative ‘Team Cashless India’ to accelerate the acceptance and adoption of digital payments in India?
Answer: Mastercard

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