Puzzle – 90 (HIGH) (Floor + Blood Based)

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Eight family members I, J, K, L, M, N, O and P are living in an 8-floor building. Only one person stays on one floor. All persons sing different songs i.e. DISCO LIES, Blue, Star boy, Extreme ways, Roar, Freeek, Heathens and Titanium but not necessarily in the same order. And each person is playing different musical instruments viz. Dhol, TABLA, Harmoium, Sitar, Shehnai, Veena, SANTOOR and Tanpura, but not necessarily in the same order. L’s maternal aunt does not live on the 8th or first floor. The person who plays Harmoium lives on the fifth floor. L’s grandmother plays Harmoium and L’s uncle plays Tanpura. K is the wife of I and she has only one child. The person who plays Harmoium does not sings Extreme ways. The person who sings Blue lives on an even-number floor. The person who sings Starboy is a brother of I. O is the sister-in-law of I. The person who plays Tanpura sings Starboy and does not stay on the fifth floor. The person who sings Freeek lives on the seventh floor. N is the father of J, who is the uncle of L. K’s father-in-law plays Dhol and lives on the sixth floor. The person who plays SANTOOR sings Roar and lives on the third floor. The person who plays Shehnai lives on the first floor. I’s child who sings Titanium lives on even-numbered floor. L’s grandmother has one brother. The person who sings DISCO LIES lives on the top floor. The person who plays Veena have K and L’s grandmother as his/her immediate neighbours. O plays Sitar and M’s husband’s brother-in-law plays TABLA. M is the mothser of I.

Solution :

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