Puzzle – 47 (LoW) (Day Based)

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Six lecturers – Bhavesh, Atul, Sumit, Akshay, Kartik, and Mohan will visit a college from 18th September to 24th September to give lectures but not necessarily in the same order. There is a Sunday in between and no visit is scheduled on Sunday. Each of the lectures has different time duration: 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins, 75 mins, 100 mins, and 120 mins, again not necessarily in the same order.

24th September is not Sunday and a lecture of 30 mins is scheduled on that day. Bhavesh’s lecture is for less than 60 mins and is scheduled immediately before Kartik’s lecture. There are two lectures scheduled between Mohan’s lecture which is for 120 mins and Sumit’s lecture which is for 60 mins. Kartik’s lecture is before Sunday and there are two days between Sunday and Bhavesh’s lecture. Akshay’s lecture which is for 75 mins is not scheduled for 18th September. The lecture scheduled on Saturday is of 120 mins.

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