Puzzle – 58 (Moderate) (Double Circle Based)

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A, B, C and D are sitting in a smaller circle, two of them are facing inside while 2 of them are facing outside. P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting in a larger circle in which all are facing inside. Smaller circle is embedded in a larger circle. They are sitting in such a manner that each member of the inner circle sits exactly opposite the member of the outer circle.

A and D face each other, and both of them sit in smaller circle. C does not sit to the immediate right of D. Both B and S faces each other. U sits second to the right of V. Equal number of persons sit between S and P as that in S and Q. R is immediate neighbor of neither T nor S. W sits to the immediate left of T, who sits third to the right of S. C sits second to the right of one, who faces S.

Solution :

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