Puzzle – 296 (LoW) (Table And Comparison Based)

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Eight persons Priyanka, Queen, Risabh, Shivani, Taruna, Unnati, Varsha and Weom likes different mobiles- Lenovo , Apple , Samsung , Motorola , Asus , Xiaomi , Acer and Intel (but not necessarily in the same order). Also, they have different income i.e. 2000, 5000, 3000, 4500, 6533, 5523, 6400, and 7000 (but not necessarily in the same order).

Unnati’s income is a perfect square. Priyanka likes Samsung. Income of the one who likes Apple is more than the one who likes Lenovo. Income of the one who likes Acer is 2000. Varsha’s income is an odd number. Taruna likes Intel and Queen likes Xiaomi. Risabh’s income is 1500 more than Queen’s income. Weom doesn’t like Asus and Motorola. Priyanka’s income is 2.5 times of Weom’s salary. Varsha and Unnati either likes Lenovo or Apple. Risabh doesn’t like Asus. Taruna’s income is an odd number which is divisible by 3.

Solution :

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