Puzzle – 231 (LoW) (Day Based)

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There are seven persons A, B, C, D, E, F and G having a meeting on seven days of the week starting from Sunday in three different companies HCL, HP, and Infosys. There are minimum two and maximum of three persons work in the same company.

The person who is having a meeting on Friday works in HCL Company. Person C is having a meeting on Wednesday and there are two persons between C and D. B and one other person work in HCL. There are three persons between both the persons work in Infosys company, and both do not have their meetings on Monday. There are two persons between E and F where E is always before F. A works in HCL and is having a meeting immediately before C. Number of persons who work in Infosys and HCL is same and D is having a meeting before C.

Solution :

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